To lead a healthy life, not necessarily to drop everything and leave in the taiga. In contrast, change the rhythm and way of life should be carefully and gradually.

There are simple habits that will bring you closer to health and beauty, without requiring feats and dramatic turns. Consider each of the habits as the next step of the way in which you present is gradually becoming more and more healthy, athletic, confident …

See for yourself that, contrary to popular belief, to come to a healthy lifestyle is a snap, it does not take a lot of time and not at all expensive.

Every day, drink 2-3 liters of clean water. Not tea, not coffee, not soda or fruit compote. It is water. Every morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of clean water. For half an hour before a meal and drink a glass of clean water.

Eat breakfast as useful as possible
After sleeping in no hurry to fill the stomach. Drink a glass of water and wait until this appetite. For breakfast, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts or honey. Other products, if possible, from breakfast rule.

Included in the diet as a possible natural
products. Take it a rule to eat natural foods, and try to substitute an exception. If possible, do not mix protein foods with carbohydrate or fruit.

Not periodically EAT MEAT
The benefits and dangers of vegetarianism is no consensus. However, all recognize how useful at the time to give up meat and animal food. When this goes unloading and rest of the digestive system, reduces cholesterol, increases immunity. Observe fasts once a week / month / in the statutes of the church / by the rules of yoga. In general, how convenient.

Every day try to walk 2-3 kilometers or more, preferably in the open, or at least open, the air. We go with the correct posture at a pace that allows conversation.

Observe posture
Throughout the day, periodically reminded of posture and straightened. Give them an opportunity to deal and earn optimally internal organs. Note as immediately lifted the mood and vitality.

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