Juicy, not too much and not too little fried steak — a traditional dish in almost any restaurant in the world. Fried steak can be in the home, but it is important to know what should be in the form of steaks varying degrees of readiness. There are three basic degrees of roasting: Rare (blood, 45-50 ° C), Medium (average, 55-60 ° C) and Well-done (strongly roasted, 65-70 ° C). It is believed that to bring the steak from selected beef up state Medium-Well, or Well-Done — is a crime! Strong roasted meat loses all the juice and gets pretty tough. At the same time, Rare Blue (40 ° C) — that too at a great lover. In this case, the meat is roasted only from the top, but inside is practically raw. Considered ideal steak, fried to a state of the Medium-Rare to Medium.

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