Concentration is needed in all areas of your life. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can not do without the ability to focus their attention. The following five tips will help you to concentrate better — at work, at school, at a meeting, or simply in an attempt to complete your project.

1 Rule five.

There are two types of people, throwers and those who have learned to work, despite the disappointment. Starting today the moment you get in the middle between those who solves problems and those who give in to temptation, just doing more of five.

Read five more pages. Solve five more mathematical problems. Operate it for five minutes.

Just as athletes develop their physical endurance, overcoming the last point of exhaustion, you can improve mental stability, overcoming the point of frustration.

Like runners, who open the second breath, not allowing himself to succumb to the original protest of their body, you can open the «second attention», while continuing to work in spite of the initial protest your will. Continuing concentration, after the occurrence of fatigue in your brain, you train your attention and develop your psychological stability.

2 One thought at a time.

Samuel Goldwyn said, «If I look confused, it’s because I think so.» Feel the tension of the mind? Overcome eternal concern things that really are not worth your attention. Instead of taking care of things with a lower priority, which ultimately can lead your thoughts in the wrong direction, set your mind to one task with parameters start-stop time.

For example, you can think about your project at certain intervals you. On the way home you can think about something else. Arriving home, try to avoid thinking about work, guiding them in a different direction.

Still, still can not throw out the idea of ​​other problems of the head? Write them down in your to-do list and set aside, it will help you forget about them for a while. Record disturbing thoughts means that you do not have to use your brain as a bulletin board, which means that you can direct your attention to your priorities.

3 Overcoming procrastination.

There is no desire to focus their attention? You postpone the tasks or work on the project, despite the fact that you should be working on? This form of delay. RD Clyde said: «It’s amazing how much time should involve something over which we do not work.»

Next time you want to postpone the solution of the problem, ask yourself, «Should I do this? Do I want it to be done so that it is no longer occupied my mind? Will there be easier to do it then? «. These three questions can give you an incentive for continued action, thanks to the realization that postponing the problem, you will increase the sense of guilt and do so, that the completion of the task will take more of your mind and time.

4 Use your hands as a tunnel.

Imagine that your brain is a video camera, and your eyes — the lens. Most of the time, our eyes taking everything in its area of ​​visibility, and our brain uses a «wide-angle focus.» In fact, we can think of several things at the same time, thus acting effectively. Imagine that you are in the car, standing on a crowded highway, talking to a friend, messing with the radio, at the same time, staring at the car, close to you, expect changing traffic light. And all this at the same time you do.

So what to do to turn your brain to focus broadband? What to do if you need to prepare for the exam and you need to focus one hundred percent? Fold around your eyes his hands so as to form a «tunnel» directed exclusively to the text book. You must limit the flow of visual information not relevant to the subject of your study, that is to protect itself from the outside world. As stated in one of the famous sayings: «Out of sight, out of mind.»

Whenever you want to go from wide-angle focus your attention Tunnel focus, put your hands to his head. So you run an outdoor Pavlov conditioned reflex. Think of his experiments. After each ringing a bell he fed the dog, and so many times until it until after ringing the dog did not start salivating, even if these times do not give the dog food. Similarly, put your hands to the eyes, creating a «tunnel» to teach your brain to switch focus and to focus on your task.

5 SEE as the first and last time.

Want to know how you can be in the «here and now» and fully be in the present tense, rather than to scatter throughout your attention? Frederick Frank said: «When my eyes wake up to see again, they suddenly stop taking everything for granted.» Evelyn Aderhill: «Because of the lack of attention every day eludes us thousands of different charms.»

Try to learn this lesson. Stop wandering around in the past, always blame himself for past sins or feel annoyed because of the lost time, stop pointless to dream of a happy future, especially if you are not going to create it. Pay attention to what you see in front of your own eyes, what you hear is what you feel. Take a look at the world as if everything is new to you. So, if you are the first time you see this world, so if they had never felt the smell, taste, or a gentle breeze.

Next time when your mind starts to wander somewhere thousands of miles away from where you are, look around and take a look, truly a glimpse of what surrounds you. Explore the exquisite flower in the vase. Surprised at the skill of the artist, to paint a picture. Wake up and start a new way to look at what you have always taken for granted.

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