Each of us wants to run in the mornings, on autopilot snacking apple, not chips, or go to a fitness club without agonizing debate with himself. To do this, you can try to turn the useful employment of duty in the habit.

No wonder they say that the habit – second nature. Artificially create a “new identity” is as hard to get rid of the existing one. I would, for example, would love to change the eating sweet 5-6 pm (otherwise the head refuses to work) 20-minute sessions Bodyflex. And get on the mat every day to practice with the same naturalness with which I devour chocolate. Is it possible?

“Let us recognize that almost all of our life consists of routine, which developed over the years, and it is impossible to amend it instantly, – says Scott Young, coach, author of the website Pick The Brain. – Some new habits have to fix for months, but it’s worth it – they will stay with you. Use the correct techniques, and all must succeed. “Here they are:

1 Promise yourself that you will attach a new habit for 30 days, and after that you will have the right to refuse it. Treat innovation as a game, a little experiment: why just one month does not play, for example, a vegetarian? Begun? Dancer? Such a restriction would make the process of psychologically comfortable (we afraid of the word “forever”), and the habit of quietly secured. After 30 days, extend the period for another month and a half.

2 Do not put the global goals. A habit that you want to fix, should be as simple, monosyllabic. At the same time to accustom itself to the daily cardio, a healthy breakfast and memorizing 20 foreign words in a day – an impossible task. But a half-hour to stretch three times a week is possible.

3 The first 30 days, you must train yourself to comply with this promise. If you want the rest of your life doing yoga on Tuesdays at 8 am, you need to start on that day and hour. In the first month it is very desirable to do so also in the same situation: in the living room, on a pink rug in black uniforms.

4 Create the preliminary ritual – in psychology it is called the “trigger.” He may be the most absurd, for example, five times the snap your fingers before you go to prepare a healthy dinner. Sounds strange, magnificent in practice helps to fix any habit.

5 Do not try to get used to the fact that you hate. It is certainly possible, but why? The quality of your life is not exactly improve. Therefore, choose to enter into your daily routine is exactly the kind of fitness, diet or direction of yoga that you at least theoretically, for the soul. If you would like seven in the morning just to die, do not force yourself to become tomorrow’s an early riser. Maybe later – now start with something more pleasant.

6 Create as much as possible “napominalok.” Ask all your friends and family every day to wonder when you finally go for a walk (a workout, drink two liters of water). Get a dozen alarms. Obkleyte all living and working space leaflets reminding. Initially, it will be terribly annoying, then – no other choice.

7 Reward yourself, especially the first time. It is very important to develop a positive emotional bond with a new habit. At first, even allowed to eat a couple of squares of chocolate after each run.

8 Blow the whole world about their achievements. Tell all in a row that it has been three days walking in the evenings, write about it on social networks and blogs. Approval of others motivates excellent. In addition, it is important that the outside world was to associate your new habit with you.

9 As soon as your head comes awfully important reason why you want to cancel the planned deal, write it down. Do this regularly and eventually realize that a set of excuses you have one and the same and they are all insignificant.

10 If you want to replace one habit to another, remember, they should be equivalent. If you want to stop drinking espresso fusion under the end of the day, form a habit that will be exactly the same “charge the brain.” Soothing hum of the television replace meditation, and chocolate – fruit jelly.


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