1 If a person has bad breath (<- stomach), he eats the gum and cleans your teeth every morning. No he does not say that there is a bad smell from the decay processes in the stomach.

2 If a person has a bad smell from the body, he or she will use toilet water / perfume. They hope to disguise what’s going on with them inside and poisons the whole body. The body tries to rid of toxins through sweat.

3 People often obese. And instead to cleanse your body of toxins, they try to find such clothes that hide their shortcomings. According to one legend, the clothes appeared when people began to use unnatural food.

4 On the shelves are different parts of the bodies of cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits … Corpse renamed meat stuck colorful label and announced to the whole world that the meat should eat everything, because there are essential elements and protein .. .and people believe.

6 Children are sent to school for 10-20 years. Basically, they taught there to listen, to cram, to repeat the same words and punished if they do not want anything to perform. So educate slaves.

7 For people who have come up with hidden taxes — with s / n, insurance, pension contributions, pay the rent, energy, water, (+ Internet, phone, TV). Have come up with various festivals, where people could spend their savings. All this in order to have enough money to eat people for 1 or a couple of months … and they again had to go to work. Since each battery feeds a huge gear (remember the movie The Matrix)

8 To people do not realize they stupefy alcohol, tobacco, nakrotikami, honey. drugs …. they hammered the various facts in the media …

… can continue indefinitely … but it’s better you yourself think about the world in which we live … Nobody will listen, just watch what is happening around and ask yourself …- Why is that?

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