Beautiful, rapid and look like the enormous toy of drone of PP-45 furrowed space already beginning from 2012. For example, he participated in an archaeological expedition on the study of сарганских antiquity. Vehicle long one and a half meters and weighing 5 kilograms flies on two electric motors for 0,5 КW. On this thing professional chambers are set with focal distance of a 0,038 meter, that can take off HD is video.

Steeply? Very, but recently Scientists of the Omsk state technical university created some more serious. New home drone is named PP-55 and can do everything, that his predecessor could, only he in times more powerful. “It drone (pilotless aircraft) of the third generation, that can work at a temperature from minus 40 to plus 45 degrees, wind are to 15 meters in a second, in snow and rain”, – creators talk. The radius of flight of new device is megascopic a to 100 kilometre, and speed from 80 to 120 km/h.

Alike, our scientists operate on the known marketing chart: if to produce at once piled up device, then upgrade him it will be nowhere. It as new айфон on a background that an old man becomes antiques. By the way, new drone – fully the Russian invention, from fuselage, to the microcircuits and software. It to you not Lada Vesta, that placed from the French components. Here all of it: and cucumbers, and cabbage. To estimate beauty and possibilities of already out-of-date вкщту of PP-45 it is possible on video higher. Expect from scientists a roller from new device!


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