Very often there is a situation when there is a bottle of wine and a corkscrew or other tool, with which you can open it by hand was not. Everyone knows that you can push the cork inside or just break the neck, but it is not the best option.

We offer an alternative and much more elegant solution – uncorking a bottle of wine with the help of the boot without damaging neither the one nor the other. Especially as the shoes, as opposed to spin, always at hand.

Put a bottle of wine in a boot bottomed down. Fit any shoes with thick soles more than a finger. As an experiment, we did this on the classic English brogues.

Make some strong accented beats shoe, with a tightly inserted into a bottle on a vertical surface. 7-10 strokes will be enough to plug gradually began to come out. The main thing – to ensure close contact between the base of bottle and shoe soles during strikes.

After the tube will more than half of the neck, the boot can be set aside (and preferably – put back on the leg), and gently pull the plug fingers to avoid splash clothing.

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