Beard kept in the top men’s fashion trends is not the first season. Some women from the camp, «the lovers of smooth cheeks» peremetnulis sympathetic to bearded. How to grow a «protective ornament», and then take care of them, see below.

A man with a well-organized facial hair (and we’re not here about the eyebrows, although care is needed for them) it seems the ladies more manly, intelligent and tuned for a serious relationship. Even Charles Darwin believed that the beard has arisen due to sexual selection, as an ornament, increasing the attractiveness of males. Beard is also a natural protection of the thyroid gland and neck from the cold.

Today, wearing a beard for men does not bear the hassle and expense, except for spending on tools and care products. And in the time of Peter I you would have to pay a tax that is levied on beards. No charge beard could wear only priests and deacons. Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to shave off the beard to the enemy warrior could not grab for it during the battle. In ancient Egypt, the beard (and a note) could only wear Pharaoh. Beard dedicated songs and proverbs (Veda is big beard who is wider, Man without a beard, is like a woman with a beard).
Forms and types

There are several forms and types of facial hair in men:

1 Bristles
2 Mustache
3 «Koslinaya» beard or beard skipper
4 Goatee
5 Sideburns
6 Sideburns
7 Style Victor Emmanuel II
8 Beard

With the help of right-fit beard can make a person more manly correct proportions. For a square face shape (wide jaw line, cheekbones) suitable light, not dominant beard with rounded (shingles) outlines. On oblong face will look best shortens face, thick beard with a clear outline. Round face suit high rising to his temples small rounded beard («goatee»). From active sideburns in this case should be abandoned. Triangular face with a narrow chin will look more proportional to the total, the bulk beard. Pear-shaped face with a wide forehead and narrow chin decorate full beard with long sideburns.


To begin with the same stop shaving. Week 4 so accurately. Month grows approximately 10 — 13 mm, depending on age. If the beard grows slowly, unevenly, it could be due to a lack of the hormone testosterone in the body. Here it is necessary, first of all, to add to your diet foods rich in protein and calcium (meat, liver, cheese), as well as a sufficient amount of vitamins, macro and micro elements. As women grow their eyelashes using oil and for males such a method may help. Burdock oil if to rub it into the roots, helps grow thicker bristles and hairs become thicker. Also in the process of otraschivaniya not be amiss to comb the hair in the direction that you want your beard.


Mustache and beard should be washed at the same time with bathing or washing hair with shampoo. As with any hair on his head, they need to comb and vychёsyvat conventional comb or hairbrush. Frequency — each has its own. The best care — easy maintenance, cleanliness and neatness. Enough detergent product, razor, comb, small scissors (cutting knives are 2-3 cm long and large enough to fit men’s rings fingers). Keywords against beards and mustaches «restraint» and «neatness». Do not forget to check the cleanliness of the beard after meals or drinks.

For convenient and high-quality trimming beards, as well as to create a «nice unshaven» may need to trim — a device for accurate and spot hair removal. You can stay on the trimmer built into your razor or shaver, or purchase a separate Haji. When you select should pay attention to the following parameters:
ability to set the length of the hair;
the presence of a floating head that follows the contours of the face;
sufficient capacity to make the least amount of movement in the process;
easy to clean plus the existence of the brush for her. There should also pay attention to the models with built-in vacuum system, which allows immediately dispose of trimming the hair in a special compartment;
the ability to work both on the network and autonomously;
quality cutting unit
water-resistant device

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